My Sock Central Starter Pack


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Subtitle: Kicking Second Sock Syndrome’s Butt

These useful cards keep track while you are knitting – simply record general information such as pattern, yarn, size, recipient etc. as well as more detailed information on cuff, leg, heel, foot, toe, while you are making the first sock. You can even thread a piece of the yarn you are using through the My Yarn Sample hole.

If you are interrupted while knitting sock #1, and then once you get around to knitting sock #2 or even if you want to knit another pair of socks for the same person, all your information is right there, and you use your My Sock Central Card as a reference.

When your pair of socks is finished, store your My Sock Central Card on your handy book ring (includes cute sock charm).

Add more cards as you finish more pairs of sock and slowly but surely build your My Sock Central Library!

Each My Sock Central Starter Pack includes: 5 cards, 1 large book ring and a cute charm with a handy ruler printed along the side of each card.

My Sock Central Cards consist of 350gsm cardboard with 2 holes.

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